Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Propose That We Make Fireballs You Can Hold in Your Hand

The only materials needed are 100% cotton cloth, scissors, lighter fuel, cotton string, and a needle.

  • 1. Thread the needle with cotton thread.

  • 2. Tightly roll the cotton strip into a ball.

  • 3. Pierce the ball with the needle and wrap the ball with the thread. End by running the needle through the ball one more time and break off the thread.

  • 4. Soak the ball with lighter fluid. Don't soak your hands.

  • 5. Don't ignite the the fireball while you are holding it. Set the ball on a fire-proof surface. I used a frying pan from the kitchen.

  • 6. If you want to hold the fireball, my recommendation is to pick it up with tongs and carefully/slowly set it on your hand. That way you'll be able to tell if you can take the heat or not. Once you gain some confidence, you can pick the fireball up using your fingers.


. It's best to use 100% cotton fabric and thread. If the fiber is synthetic (like nylon or polyester) it might burn or melt, with unpleasant consequences.

.The fireballs are reusable. Put them out when they run out of fuel or else the cotton will burn (you can tell this is happening when the ball starts to blacken and produce sooty smoke). If you get to the point where the cotton itself is burning, the fireball will be too hot to hold. Ideally you want to extinguish the fireball before it consumes all of its fuel. Simply soak it in more lighter fluid and relight it to reuse it.

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